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A Winner Team in A Real

May 20, 2016
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Rising up a cup can be meant a winning. It is moment to take loot each other. It has been a reason to make every team in many sports being a winner.

A team tries how to be the best and by being the first one without thinking about a future and fatal prospect, it is enough to keep a cup or a champion. The important thing for team is running and running with a good speed.

Have you seen any accident? What is a risk? Dont a biker, a player a long prosepect to be?

It is right that a accident is a consequency for us.  Accident is a risk to closed to the biker or player.

But, a written comitment should be remembered to appreciate our integrity.  A written promise we should keep as part of our  honour to the competition in every sport.

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Final for Champions League in Milan

May 6, 2016
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Two teams from Madrid will fight at final in Milan. Real and Atletico Madrid will beat each other to get the best team in Champions League in 2016.

Prediction in semifinal to plot Bayern Muenchen that Atletico Madrid would be beaten, was wrong. On the contrary, this team wins score agregat 2-2 but Atletico won in away party 1-0 from Bayern.

In the other hand, Real Madrid won in the second playing and made Manchester City beaten.

Which is the best team? We can see the real in Milan. The Galaticos players, its name for Real Madrid will face the collective team from Atletico that attaractive strategy coming and surprising all teams loosed by its underdog team.

Which team the winner? Lets we see.

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