A Winner Team in A Real

A Winner Team in A Real

May 20, 2016
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Rising up a cup can be meant a winning. It is moment to take loot each other. It has been a reason to make every team in many sports being a winner.

A team tries how to be the best and by being the first one without thinking about a future and fatal prospect, it is enough to keep a cup or a champion. The important thing for team is running and running with a good speed.

Have you seen any accident? What is a risk? Dont a biker, a player a long prosepect to be?

It is right that a accident is a consequency for us.  Accident is a risk to closed to the biker or player.

But, a written comitment should be remembered to appreciate our integrity.  A written promise we should keep as part of our  honour to the competition in every sport.

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