Corruption in Our Daily Activity

Corruption in Our Daily Activity

January 21, 2016
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We all know about this statement “Power tends to corrupt”.

This statement refers to all man’s activities in life. Having power is not only about representation of thing, here represents to position that power takes.

Guatemala is one country that president can come from many professions. It is good for world education that curropter has no place to exist.

If an actor is chosen by public, it means that public dreams an ideal hopes. Public wants someone who understands that a power is not only position to sit and to take.

Helping is helping itself by doing what you can. Sometime someone who
comes you saying that he/she waits someone. He/she ask you to borrow
your stage to plot a lamp in home.

Should you wait for anyone who told helping her/him and didin’t come
at al. Or take your stage because your borrower has stayed infront of
your home?

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